A lot of news today!

First of all, Notch has introduced one of his new employees today: Jens! You can read his introduction to the Minecraft community on Notch's development blog!

But that is not all! Notch has also fixed some known bugs and glitches! You can find a list of these on his blog, but if you're too lazy to browse to his website then here is a copy of Notch's post:

The few hours I’ve been able to work today, I tried getting SMP Health as complete as possible. It will be released early next week.

"Here’s the status:

* Send attack network data: DONE
* Add the ability to attack other entities: DONE
* Implement falling damage: NOT STARTED
* Implement respawning for dead players: PARTIALLY DONE (there are bugs with the player keeping the current location in some circumstances instead )
* Make eating food regenerate health: DONE
* Send health updates to the players: DONE

The “attack entities” code is done on a general level, so you can hurt animals, monsters, boats, carts and even other players.

There are a couple of other tweaks in the next update as well:

* Fix leaves. Again: DONE
* Optimize the lighting update slowdowns: STARTED
* Make players riding carts or boats a long way receive terrain updates: DONE
* Fix the block re-spawning bug: NOT STARTED
* Add “pvp” toggle flag to the server settings: NOT STARTED."

There's also some bad but thankfully non-Minecraft related news. As you may have already noticed, Google has removed my Adsense advertisements and has banned my account. I received an e-mail from them in which they basically say that they suspect me of cheating the system and that this suspicion justifies banning my account for eternity without even giving me a chance to defend myself from this rediculous accusation. I used to think that the guys behind Google were nice people, but after this little affair I can't help but think of them as a bunch of unjust bastards. I guess it's time to find myself another sponsor.

That's all for today! I'll see you tomorrow again when I post some awesome Minecraft wallpapers!


  1. Sorry to hear about your run-in with google. Were you coming up to your first pay day?

  2. Man, what is with everyone getting the ban hammer lately?

  3. Great news with minecraft. Really blows about you ban dude. There are a ton of other great places to look. Check come at me bro's blog

  4. great post! i like it
    supportin & folloing you!

  5. good post
    i love this game so much